Saturday Sister Spotlight 1: Three Sisterz!

When we started this blog, I (naively) believed that a sister craft blog was pretty unique. (Okay, sisters+Mom is pretty unique, but still.) I'm happy to be wrong. I find new sister craft blogs all the time and, knowing the bond of sisters—and craftiness—I always feel a special kinship to these blogs. I tried to think of a way to connect with these other blogs, and with Jaime's help, we came up with Saturday Sister Spotlight right about the time we found our first spotlightee (or they found us).

And our first honoree is:

In case you didn't guess, Three Sisterz is the bloggy home of three crafting sisters: Courtenay, Flannery and Molly:
Molly, Courtenay & Flannery
The oldest (or wisest) sister.  We call her our "Creative Director."  Teacher by trade.  Mother of 3 beautiful girls.  Married to her college sweetheart.

The middle sister.  Our IT Director and brilliant writer.   She's a nerdy librarian.  Mother to 3 spunky girls.  Met her hubby in a bar.

The baby.  The crafty sister & wannabe photographer.  Oncology nurse by day.  Mother to a baby boy & a troublesome boxer.  Met her husband on

I dug through their blog to find some of their best crafts and tutorials—so be sure to check out:
Courtenay's chicken chili:

Flannery's bib necklace from vintage jewelry:

and Molly's preppy baby step stool:

Clearly the sisters have some talents! So we decided to take this spotlight to the next level with . . .

A Saturday Sister Spotlight Challenge!

We challenged the Three Sisterz to create crafts around a theme of our choosing, and with summer upon us, that theme is . . . WATERMELON!

So stay tuned to Three Sisterz to where they take that theme!

Flannery has posted her craft: a watermelon-inspired pillow!

Molly joins in the fun: watermelon-inspired creamsicles!

Courtenay finishes us off with a watermelon appliqué tee!

What awesome crafts, Three Sisterz! Thank you so much for taking the challenge—it's been a blast!


Brave Brooke said...

What an awesome sisters blog! I can't wait to see what they come up with!

Canda said...

Love the necklace--vintage jewelry--great idea.

Flannery @ Three Sisterz said...

Thank you ladies!!!! We can't wait for you to see our projects;)!!! Let us know what you think!!

Just Jaime said...

I love Three Sisterz! So excited to see all the projects!

Amy said...

This is really neat! Hey Jordan, I have an award for you on my blog! :)
Amy "redheaded crafter"

Molly Hammond said...

thank you wayward girls!!!

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