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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tulle, Tulle, Tulle!

So I really like tulle. The skirt of my wedding dress was a whole lot of tulle. And we bought 400 yards of it...for decorating. Ok so decorating...a lot of times in the Latter-day Saint church wedding receptions are held in the church building's cultural hall and our wedding was no exception. It's big with tables and plenty of chairs. What more could you ask for? Except, well in the church building closest to us, it's not the prettiest thing in the world. I wanted to transform our cultural hall and make it a romantic and elegant setting. With heavy duty wire, Christmas light strands, tulle and some nails, we achieved exactly what I wanted.

We bought a spool of wire, a dozen light strands, 400 yards of tulle (online is far cheaper than going to Michael's or JoAnn or anywhere really) and had some nails handy. We, and by we I mean my brothers in law, strung the wire from the basketball backboard to the other one then on the sides of the wall. Then, starting from one side, we strung the tulle from wire to wire, draping it slightly. We secured some of the sections with nails if it was necessary.
Then, we hung tulle down the wall and tied it in the middle with a decorative bow with wired ribbon. Between the sections of tulle, we strung the light strands. We didn't drape those down the wall though.

We also had a couple strands of swagged Christmas lights from Brooke's wedding that we hung on one wall with Command Strips and hung tulle down the wall from an additional wire. We didn't turn on the cultural hall lights. The Christmas lights offered enough light for a romantic setting. It was completely transformed into the perfect wedding reception hall and it was beautiful!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Patriotically Playing with Wire

So who knew patriotically was a word? Not me! Anyways, I recently went to Tuesday Morning (aka the store that has a lot of stuff I don't need). I was looking around and saw some 18 gauge wire. I've been wanting to use wire in my beading and jewelry making and the price was right, $1.99! For the past two days I've been playing around with it and came up with a little patriotic craft.

Supplies & Tools:


Wire cutters
Round Nose Pliers (very important!)
Bent Nose Pliers (less important but still good to have)
Wire (I used 18 gauge, very bendable!)


First figure out your design. I went with a swirly USA. For a reference, I wrote it out. Then cut a piece of wire for the first letter, and overestimate what you think you want to use.


Next, start swirling! Hold the end of your wire with your Round Nose Pliers and twist the wire around. 


Using your pliers, hands or a combination of both, bend the wire into your shape. I like to use my sketch as a reference. 


When you come to the end of the letter, leave enough tail to swirl but not too much (eh, just guess!)

I trimmed this a little. 

Here is the finished product:


It only took me about 15 minutes from start to finish, and that included taking pictures! 

Ways to use wire letters:
On papercrafts
Glue to napkin ring
Hair barrettes, like this one
Glued onto sturdy key chain
Home decor, like with a faux firework display
Fridge Magnets

**One thing to remember: the wire is still VERY bendable, so however you use these letters, make sure you know that little fingers can ruin your shapes. 

What would you design?
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