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Welcome to Wayward Girls' Crafts! We're four sisters (and our mom) who love to scrapbook, knit, sew, decorate, remake, bake and just create.


Photo by Jaren Wilkey
Jordan is a wife, a mother, a writer, a reader, a home chef, a knitter, a baker, a crafter, a Tweeter, a Pinner, a Raveler, an occasional Facebooker, a list-maker . . . a homemaker. She likes to figure things out and do them herself, and she usually succeeds. (Usually.) If she isn't trying something new—a new knitting technique, a new story idea, a new recipe—she's bored. With five children aged ten and younger, she strives to keep her home clean livable and her kids from fighting. Her dream job would be exactly what she's doing now, raising a family and writing novels, only with slightly older children. Oh, and in her dreams, she's a lot better at it.

Jordan is the oldest Wayward Girl.

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Photo by Leah Watkins
Brooke is a stay-at-home mom with three girls and loves everything with an extra bow on top. The bigger the bow the better the Momma, right? She loves reading late at night (especially if it's Jordan's books:) ), chocolate ice cream with cookies fresh out of the oven, vacuumed stairs, the thrill of saving money, going on trips with her hubby, fashion, and of course crafting! She strives to keep her home warm, inviting, and centered around Christ. Her dream jobs would include professional organizer and the one she already has as wife and mother. 

Brooke is the third oldest Wayward Girl.

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Three of the Wayward Girls aren't currently blogging, but their posts can be found on the site still. (And of course, in our hearts!)


Just Jaime began scrapbooking in 2006 with a mini album for her husband. Now she has scrapped over 200 layouts.Her work is defined with hand-cut embellishments, bright colors, and witty titles. Jaime's found so much inspiration from crafting blogs and wants to put it to work! She's interested in thrifting, decorating, cooking solutions, photography, and papercrafting. She's married with two daughters.

Jaime is the second oldest Wayward Girl.

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Jasmine is the youngest of the Wayward Girls. She's recently married and graduated from college. She has one son. She doesn't have a ton of time, space or budget for crafts living the life of a married college student. But she loves fun, easy, and inexpensive ways to decorate in such a small space. Somewhere in her busy schedule she tries to find time for creativity, crafts and baking.

Jasmine is the youngest Wayward Girl.

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Diana the warden is the lucky mom of four beautiful and talented daughters. She works as an academic coach in a middle school. Although her crafting goes in spurts, she instilled a love of creating in her daughters that continues to this day. Her favorite crafts include quilting, sewing, and making things for her grandbabies!

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Why Wayward?

We weren't always wayward. Once upon a time, we were just crazy, as you might expect in a household with four girls. We tried to hide our zaniness behind a normal exterior, but sometimes the crazy shone through.

My shirtOur parents set the standard for this, of course. Mom made sure the first interaction you had with our family was to laugh—especially if you got the answering machine. This was in sharp contrast to most of our extended family, who seldom had an answering machine greeting more interesting than "This is the Tom Johnson residence. . . . Leave a message."

One evening, we were joking about that disconnect and our relatives' greetings when we realized there was something missing. If you know us, you know our dad (okay, well, he's not Mom's dad, but you know who we mean) shares his name with a very famous historical figure. All these elements combined to create a perfect storm of an answering machine greeting, in Dad's cheery baritone:

You've reached the [Thomas Jefferson] Residence . . . for Wayward Girls. Please leave a message. [distorted piano music]

We still embrace this as our calling in life. Over the years, the message has impressed a number of people, including at least one soon-to-be-in-law (she wasn't sure she had the right house and hung up without leaving a message). The greeting was unchanged for over a decade until another perfect storm—lightning struck in the front yard, zapping a good number of electronics in the house. But the spirit of the greeting will live on in our wayward hearts—and we hope in yours too!

But what does it mean to be Wayward and Crafty? Click here to find out!

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