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Friday, August 17, 2012

Craft Supply Storage

Where do keep your craft supplies? I am not lucky enough to have an entire room devoted just to crafts, so I have to find places to stash all my stuff throughout the house. I like being organized and finding inexpensive ways to do things.

One inexpensive place I have stored craft supplies for many years is in my girls' old lunchboxes. Here is one. We have a stack of these in a closet under our stairs. They are very portable. We have several Barbie versions and a metal Mickey Mouse one. They bring back happy memories and are very functional.

When we were rearranging our house a few years ago, I ended up with this shelving unit for sewing supplies that my husband had been using before. It is about 40" tall and 36" across. We originally purchased it at a discount store like Target or at Home Depot. As cheap as I am, I am sure it was less than $70. It keeps things hidden and tidy.

I bought this next unit at an office supply store for about $30. It is perfect for scrapbooking-- if you are using 8.5" x 11" paper.
Finally, I claimed a small, under the eaves closet to store my fabrics and quilting supplies. I LOVE clear plastic containers. Big Lots is a great place to buy them. I utilized a hat rack already in the closet to hang hoops. There are also acyrlic rulers at the very top of the rack. I have my cutting mats and other rulers hanging from a peg.
Even though it is a tall stack, I can find things very easily now.

Where do you keep your "stuff"?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Which of your craft supplies are a necessity?

storage 001So unlike awesome my sister, I hold onto craft supplies with no intention of ever letting any of it go. I have tried and tried to keep it all organized but it's always a mess. Therefore I wasn't surprised when recently I had to pack it all up :( You see our house is on the market and when the home stager came through she asked me if it was vital if it stayed staged as a craft room and office. As my mouth said "No, I can pack it all up," my heart said "NO WAY! ARE YOU CRAZY?!" How will I make cute things for my church responsibilities or need to make a card? So to get away with keeping some stuff out I got creative with my storage. The space is very limited and I had a hard time coming up with what to keep out. Overall I kept out:

  • My paper and paper cutter
  • My sewing machine and basic supplies
  • My general crafting supplies

storage 003

What would you keep out? I'm crossing my fingers that be reunited with my stuff soon.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jaime's Land of Misfit Projects

I have always been an idea person. I'm great with coming up with ideas. They're not always GOOD ideas, but at least I have one. So here's my problem: I go to the thrift store with an idea (or I get an idea there) and then I purchase an item to alter. And then I don't. I lose the excitement of the idea and I move on to something else. So now, I give you, Jaime's Land of Misfit Projects:

One of the first items I bought to redo, this chair. It was $6.99 from Goodwill. I'm still looking for the perfect fabric to cover the cushion with. Will I ever find it?

I didn't get this from a thrift store, I got this free from work. We just got all new furniture in our offices and they were getting rid of our old stuff. I love that this table is a folding table and it fits in my car. I want to set it up for crafting, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Lazy, or what?

This beauty I won at a thrift store silent auction. I need to clean it up and find a place to display it. Yep, still hunting for the perfect table for it. I only have my attempts at "artsy" pictures of it on my computer and I'm not getting it out of storage right now. Did I mention I have no idea how to clean it?

On the right we have a vintage sheet I got at the thrift store. On the left, a big roll of fabric I got at Wal Mart for $3. Haven't made a thing with either one.

A pumpkin from a trip to Dollar Tree. No plans for it as I really hate the line across it. 

Finally a size XL stretchy t shirt from the thrift store. I thought about making it into a bag, a skirt and a bunch of other things, but nothing has come to fruition. Any ideas?

This is just a sample, by the way. I have more. This coming from the girl who told you to free yourself from your crafting stash!

Any ideas for my misfit projects?
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