Tool time with Diana

Here are my top 3 favorite tools I think every crafter could use.

Number 1: Rotary Cutter(s)

I couldn't live without my trusty Fiskars rotary cutter. I have had this one since the mid 90's. It just feels right in my hand. Of course I cut my quilting pieces with it, but I also cut paper, photos, acetate, and other things with it. (Sometimes my finger, but not in  a long time.) I also have this zig zag blade which is fun, 2 cutting mats, and about 6 different sized rulers. I use them all at various times.

Don't tell Fiskars, but there's a new kid in town. I saw on a quilting show that a small blade will cut round edges better. This little beauty was on clearance for $5.99.  I haven't tried it out yet, but I am planning to soon. It if a Clover Slash cutter for straight and curved edges. Does anyone have one? Will it work for me?

Number 2: Xyron 900

This machine is great! I use it to laminate and make magnets and stickers. The cartridges can be a little pricey, but most craft stores have weekly coupons that you can use. This is great for scrapbooking and all paper crafts, teaching, and just life!

Number 3: Irwin Utility Snips

Maybe these babies aren't found in every crafter's bag, but they are very useful. I use them to cut stems of silk flowers, trim my hedges, and cut wire. They are heavy duty, and according the package have 2 serrated edges for extra grip! My husband got them for me for Christmas. Good choice!

 What tools are in your top 3?


Brave Brooke said...

Your tools rock! They're hard core!

Just Jaime said...

I love the title of your post. Dad has rubbed off on you.

Heather Landry said...

That last tool looks a little scary! LOL I'm with Jamie. I loved your title. Hehe

Deborah March said...

You know, I've had a Xyron in my craft closet for YEARS, and have never learned how to use it! (lol) Maybe I'll take it out again...thanks for the reminder!

Deborah (happily visiting from

{Hope you can visit too!}

Anonymous said...

I've put off buying a rotary cutter rationalizing that my scissors were just fine but maybe I'll take the plunge.

Unknown said...

My rotary cutter is the pits. It cuts dashes lines. It is most likely user error. Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!

Melanie @ bear rabbit bear said...

What a great post! Thanks for your expertise!
I’d love for you to link your tips to Things I’ve Made Thursdays. I’m trying something new this week- We have two sections to the party- one for kids’ things and one for “Anything”!! I think this post would be an awesome addition to the “Anything Goes” party!

Hope you’ll stop by and link up!

chris said...

I love my rotary cutter too. I like it even better when I remember to change out the blades once in a while! :)

KimMalk said...

I love my rotary cutter, but only use it on fabric... plus I've never tried the other blade.

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