Freezer Paper Applique

This week has been a good one for my word-loving/crafty way of thinking. On Monday, we found our that it was our principal's birthday. I was sitting in the front lobby when the school secretary asked me to make a card for him for everyone to sign. Before I got down to my office, I had something in mind. His last name is Vick, so I decided for a play on words. I found lots of  quotes about victory and copied them in different colors and fonts. Then I replaced "victory" with VICK-tory. I added a Vick-torious message on the inside. It was fun to do and everyone loved it. Just wish I had my crafting supplies at school so I could have jazzed it up more!

Then, we got an invitation to a dear friend's baby shower. Her last name is an animal. Can you guess what the quilt will be? I will show the finished project next week, but for now, I will show you how to use freezer paper to applique.

This quilt is for you!

Trace your pattern on the matte side of the freezer paper. Remember the final design will be reversed, so plan any words or directional designs accordingly.

In case your can't read the captions: Iron the freezer apper to the wrong side of the fabric.
Cut about 1/2" to 3/8" away from the freezer paper. I have marked the center and the eye on my designs to help with placement later.

Clip the curved seams and angles for ease in pressing and sewing.

Now you are ready to iron the seam allowance down on the back of the freezer paper.

You can pin it to your backing now and start sewing. I did most of mine like that. The seam allowance didn't always stay where I wanted it to, so I decided to try something else. I liked it!

Pin it to the backing fabric. Be sure to get it centered and straight. I matched the center points on my design and backing.

Iron it and you have your block.
Next week I will show you the finished quilt.


Just Jaime said...

Love the pigs! Your warning for my friend makes me laugh!

Tracy said...

What a neat idea to play on his name for his birthday card :)
Your quilt is so cute :)

Brave Brooke said...

Can't wait to see the finished product!

Redfly Classroom said...

Very cute pigs!!

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