My Fall Décor on a Budget

I’ve been busy this weekend getting ready for two guest spots on Monday. First, I was at the Artsy Girl Connection (Thanks for having me, Marilyn!). Then I was at Craft Junkie Too (Thanks for having me, Tracy!).  Both crafts I used on my dining room table fall display, since I don’t have a mantle.  I decorate for fall, so this transitions well into Thanksgiving décor.

So here’s a breakdown of how much this cost me.
Tray: $2.99, Goodwill
Candle: Tutorial here, made from two candles from Dollar Tree and leaves from Dollar Tree. Cost about $2.20
Frame: $0.99, Goodwill, photo by Kristen Duke Photography—one of her Friday Freebies
Pumpkin: Ok, this one I’m not sure about. I got it at Robert’s when I used to live in Utah. I know I got it for 40% off though. I’d guess at most I paid $6
Basket: Target, $2.50
Apples: My fridge =)
Glitter vase: Tutorial here, vase was $0.99. Glitter, I probably used about $0.50 worth
Leaf sticks: Sticks, outside. Leaves, Dollar Tree. There are 50 in a pack, so it cost about $0.16
Homemade apothecary jar: Jar, $1.99, Goodwill. Candlestick holder (you can’t see it), $1, Dollar Tree. Mini gourds, $1, Dollar Tree

Total cost:  $20.32! Not bad!!


Brave Brooke said...

Love it! Not only is it totally cute but inexpensive. That's awesome!

Kristin said...

Love how natural it all looks. great job on a small bugdet!

Tracy said...

Such a pretty display.
Love all the rich colours in this.

Marilyn said...

This was AMAZINGLY awesome Jaime.. THANKS so much again for stopping in.. Can't wait to hopefully have you again soon.. I would LOVE for you to share this at my Pin'Inspirational Thursday linky party if you dont mind pweeease :))-- TY,,

Sarah said...

That all looks fabulous! :)

I featured this today in my "things I like thursday" post. Check it out:

Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke said...

LOVE what you did with my landscape image! Thanks for sharing;)

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