Toddler Family Home Evening: Week 2

This is week two in the series of toddler Family Home Evening plans. Since toddler attention spans can be really brief here is a really brief yet super fun Family Home Evening for you. I have found that using the Mormon Channel scripture videos is so helpful. PB can't follow along with verbal stories as well as the cartoons that they have on there. So we have been watching those first and then talking about more. (see link below)

Theme: Lehi Dwelt in a Tent
Prep: Gather fort materials: blankets, string, hand clamps, etc.
Songs: Book of Mormon Stories , Nephi's Courage, Choose the Right Way
  1. Watch movie here about Lehi's family traveling in the wilderness
  2. Build a fort
  3. Discuss how when we follow God's commandments sometimes it's not how we think things should go but Lehi and his family were obedient and were blessed. 
Treats: Here is a little tent treat
 We had tons of fun!

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Just Jaime said...

This is such a fun idea! Good thinking, Brooke!

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