Toddler Family Home Evening: Week 1

On Monday nights lately we having been trying hard to have Family Home Evening. I looked all over the internet for ideas of FHE lessons for our two year old and I used a few but wasn't really happy with what I found so I came up with my own ideas. I will be posting our toddler FHE lessons every couple of weeks. I hope there are some ideas you can use! I have found that using the Mormon Channel scripture videos is so helpful. PB can't follow along with verbal stories as well as the cartoons that they have on there. So we have been watching those first and then talking about more. (see link below)

Theme: The Parable of the Lost Sheep

Prep: Print out a picture like the one above, color (optional), and cut into a puzzle shape. Make some treasure hunt clues* for around the house. Hide the clues plus one of the pieces from the puzzle. I cut a special heart shape to be the missing piece.
  1. Play this video.
  2. Give all but the one piece of the puzzle for the child(ren) to complete. When they discover there is one piece missing give them the first clue.
  3. Follow the clues and find the last piece.
  4. Talk about how exciting it is to find the piece just like when the shepherd found the lost lamb or when we are bad but then change and become better and follow Jesus Christ.
*My clues included
  • Look where we keep food (picture of food)
  • Look where you go potty (picture of toilet)
  • Look where you go to sleep (bed)
  • Look where you play with toys (picture of toys)
  • Look in Daddy's pocket (picture of Daddy)
Treats: Here are a few sheep treats. One, two, three.

Stay tuned for more ideas! Enjoy! 

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Just Jaime said...

Great idea! I bet PB loved it

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