How I Found My Fabulous and You Can Too!

I've been in need of feeling fabulous lately. So I took Brooke's advice and did a few things:

Painted my nails. A great activity to go along with watching Project Runway after my baby is asleep

Today I was NOT feeling it, but I didn't want to look that way when running errands. I've found when you look better you feel better!

So I put on some make up and earrings. I braided my hair and threw a hat on to cover the greasiness and voila! I wouldn't have usually paired pearls and my Yankees cap, but I think it works! I felt much better walking out of the house having spent just 15 minutes on myself. And my nails are still painted, so that's a plus.
(The car was in park at the time this photo was taken)

Have you been feeling less than fabulous? Check out Brooke's post to find more ways to feel fabulous inexpensively.

 Now go take on the day, FABULOUSLY!!

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