Inexpensive Ways to Feel More Fabulous

As a stay-at-home mom some (most) days I end up getting dressed late in the day and sometimes not at all. I end up just feeling like Mommy and not my own person. I think we should all be proud of how we look. It's not vanity it's all a part of confidence and knowing you're putting your best foot forward.

Recently I have been trying to feel more fabulous and these are some ways that I have found make me feel more fabulous!
  1. Paint your nails. You could go get this done or do it yourself. For Christmas I asked for nail polish and my awesome family got me some cute kits. One is Ombre purple, one is "caviar beads", I got a couple sparkly ones, and a matte finish one. Having my nails done makes me feel fabulous. I do two coats and a clear top coat to make it look professional. 
  2. Get your eyebrows waxed. It's not expensive- I don't like to pay more than $10 (plus tip of course). Trust me- an esthetician can make your eyebrows fabulous and for $10 every 6 weeks it's not a huge chunk of the budget.
  3. Wear animal print. I got these new shoes on sale at Target recently and they are fabulous!
  4. Buy nice comfy clothes. I'm going to admit a little secret to you- on days when I don't have plans to leave the house I excitedly tell my husband they are "leggings days!" If you're wearing plaid flannel pjs you probably won't feel fabulous so just get some comfy clothes that are a little cuter. Some examples:
    here, here, and here
  5. Buy a trendy item. I try to find trendy items on the cheap. Try stores like Forever 21 or H&M where you can get an item that is on trend but inexpensive. Fabulous for cheap is awesome! 
    here, here, and here
  6. Try a new beauty tutorial. I will be sharing a few of my favorites next week. 
  7. Whiten your teeth at home. Kandee Johnson does a great tutorial for this product here and it's less than $10!

What are some ways you feel fabulous?


Jordan McCollum said...

I've been trying to put on make up even when I'm not planning to leave the house. Day-to-day makeup for me means eyeliner and mascara; I've started experimenting with bold lipstick, too. It was weird at first, but now I find if I skip the lip color, I don't feel/look "finished." So mine would be lipstick.

(But after a rough SAHM week this week, honestly: a shower makes me feel more fabulous than anything else.)

Just Jaime said...

Wear earrings! They make me feel more polished =)

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