Legging Embellishments with DIY knee patches

I decided to tackle a few of the things in my "to mend" pile this week. On top was a cute pair of hot pink leggings with little holes in the knees. I debated cutting them off at the knee or putting on patches which won out in the end.

I found some brown and white polka dot fabric that looked so cute with the pink.

What I used:
Scrap fabric and paper
Heat n Bond sewable adhesive

I first cut the shape I wanted out of the scrap paper to use as a pattern. I cut a piece of fabric and heat n bond slightly bigger than the pattern and ironed on the adhesive to the fabric. I then cut the shape out of the fabric. Ta da! Patches!

I ironed the patches onto the leggings. The heat slightly discolored the fabric but it went back to normal once it cooled. This was the tricky part. You can get heat n bond that is a little more heavy duty and may stay a little better but I used lite and it needed to be stitched around. 

I used my seam ripper on seam on the inside of each leg about an inch above to an inch below the patch on either leg. With the other side of the pants pulled away I used a zig zag stitch and sewed around each patch twice. I then sewed up the open seams and voila!

How cute did these turn out?! Too bad they are in the size in between both my girls right now!!

1 comment :

Jordan McCollum said...

I love this and totally need to do this. My oldest daughter wears holes in all her leggings & pants, and then the younger two have nothing to wear!

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