Oversized T-Shirt Upcycling

Today is my baby girl's birthday!! What a sweet blessing this little girl has been to us! Happiest of birthdays KZ!!

Remember how I've taken a couple of my husbands shirts and made them into shirts for me? See here and here.

Well I did it again! My husband needed a pack of black tshirts for work and he had a few left over from the package he bought so I used one to make into a shirt for me!

So the first thing I did was find an existing shirt that I liked to mimic the shape of. I wanted this new shirt to have dolman sleeves so I didn't need to change the shoulder or sleeve length. Here is the before:
Here is a list of the things I did to the shirt. I'm sorry I don't have more photos of the process this shirt has been a work in progress for many months (like since February!!).
  1. Remove the pocket. You can't see it in the picture but this was done with a seam ripper.
  2. Trace around shape of existing shirt onto new shirt+seam and stretch allowance (which I never do enough of)
  3. Cut off collar and made new shape.
  4. Sew up new sides. 
  5. Take existing black fabric and make collar. I didn't have quite enough from the cut edges so I had to use some from a different project. I cut the fabric about an inch wide to the shape of the collar. I sewed right sides together and flipped the fabric inside the shirt. I then sewed around the edge of the whole collar.
  6. I used the scraps from the tshirt to make flowers next to the collar.
  7. I added two box pleats to the collar to make it lay flat.
  8. I tried it on and it was too tight! I told you I never allowed enough seam and stretch allowance! 
  9. I cut up the middle of the whole back of the shirt. I got 4" wide black lace and sewed it inside the cut. I tapered it at the top and sewed a hem on the bottom. 

Step 9 is then I put on some dark lipstick and went to take pictures. I got all set up and then noticed my neighbor was also in his backyard. Hey there new neighbor! Don't mind me posing in my backyard!

Have you done any upcycling lately? Do you have any great plans for the weekend? 
Tomorrow morning my husband is repelling down a HUGE building for the Special Olympics and in the afternoon (and on Sunday) we'll be watching General Conference

Hope you have a great weekend!

p.s. I'll give you a dollar if you can spot the birthday girl in one of these pictures...j/k I won't be giving any dollars out but look back and see if you can spot her little blonde head in there :)

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