I selected orzo to be a part of our cooking challenge. I had cooked it several times but thought it sounded different enough to be in the contest.

After I did, I realized something about orzo. It doesn't make as good a risotto at rice does. Where rice becomes creamy with a little bit of rough texture, orzo just stays a little slimy. The flavor is good, but the texture isn't as nice as rice. The recipe had chicken stock, onions, butter, and mushrooms.
Here is the meal:

Having said that, I won't give up on orzo. I think it would be good in a soup (maybe even broccoli cheese!) or in a pasta recipe. I saw an orzo salad at a mediteranean restaurant on Friday I thought looked good.

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Jasmine said...

I always hear about risotto on cooking shows and didn't know how to make it or what it was really! You'll have to make it for me one time ;)

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