Wonton Wrappers- Southwest Style

I tried a little fusion cooking with my wontons. I had used them before  with this taco cupcake recipe, so I tried that again with with my own twists.
I made the picture big so you can see that, like the Iron chef, I made wonton wrappers 3 ways.
I made small chicken taco cupcakes using mini-muffin pans. The second dish was a wonton empanada with seasoned ground beef and cheese. I just wet the wrappers with water to seal the edges.
Finally, I put the seasoned ground beef in a wonton wrapper in a large muffin tin.
Each was baked in the oven until it looked crispy and not soggy.

We loved them all! Yum yum!

Wonton wrappers are hard to find in the store! I overheard a lady asking an grocery store employee where they were last week. After he made a few guesses, I butted in to tell them that they are usually in the produce section. They were a little incredulous and I don't even know if it was true for that store, but that is where I have always found them. How about you?


Jasmine said...

I tried more than one thing with the wrappers as well. My other recipe wasn't as tasty looking as yours for sure! I baked mine and the bottoms didn't turn out as cooked through as the tops.

Jordan McCollum said...

Oh, the flavor . . . is very delicate. I'm surprised by this! It's very good.

My wonton wrappers are always in the produce section, too!

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