Cricut Beginnings

This post is the 2nd in a series of 3 posts about Cricuts. To read the first installment, Cricut Basics, check here. Check back next week for the last installment, Cricut Techniques, for some tricks!

Cricut Beginnings:
So you have a Cricut. Now what? I have had my Cricut about 3 and a half years and since then I've gotten 7 cartridges. The most versatile font I have is the Calligraphy Collection font but I love all of my fonts. The one that comes with the machine is George.

Cricut cartridges range from $29-$79 depending on sales. Usually you can't use coupons on Cricut products. You can get Lite Cartridges which started out as a Walmart exclusive but you might be able to find them a few other places.

Cutting mats (the mats that the paper sticks to which goes through the machine) go un-sticky after a while. I always have these on my wish lists. Blades go dull after a while it just depends on how often you use them (which after I type this seems kind of obvious).

As promised here are some pictures of the pages I have created since starting my 3 years in 3 months scrapbooking journey. I used my Cricut on all three of these pages:
Cherry Limeade ( a Lite cartridge from Walmart)
Cherry Limeade
Calligraphy Collection and George Cartridges
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waymom said...

One day I will have a Cricut, although it will most like be a Cricut Cake first!

Lani said...

I used a cricut for the first time at Christmas to make some blocks and it was so fun! I loved seeing how many letters I could get out of each sheet of vinyl.

The Scrappy Cottage said...

I use my Cricut most for swirls and flowers.....

Just Jaime said...

A great way to find Cricut carts for cheap is on Ebay!

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