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Over the weekend, we attended a wedding reception. It was very nice. They went with a vintage theme.

It was in a backyard, and the trees were decorated with picture frames hung by ribbons, a little like this photo by Matthew Morgan from another vintage-themed wedding:

The centerpieces were beautiful roses and moss arranged with fine china teacups, which could be a gorgeous centerpiece any time:

Vintage wedding themes are really popular right now. It really worked for this couple. (Well, the bride, at least. I didn't really know the groom.) This theme can create a classic, timeless feel for your wedding.

Ooooor not. A wedding should be about the couple and who they really are, not what they think is popular right now. So how can you tell if a vintage wedding is for you?

I made you a handy little quiz. Ta-DA!

Is a Vintage Wedding for You?

1.) Do you now or have you ever owned any of the following: a pillbox hat, kitten heels, real pearls, saddle shoes, a hat with a veil or feathers, a tea-length ball gown dress, etc.?
a. Are you joking? No! Not since the '80s.
b. Are you joking? You just described basically my whole wardrobe.
c. Huh?

2.) If yes to #1, did you own it because your parents gave it to you/it's part of a costume/you thought it was funny/you are a very ironic hipster?
a. *hanging head in shame* Yes
b. No! Don't be ridiculous!
c. But it was hilarious. You have no sense of humor. (What's a hipster?)

3.) If no to #1, do you know what those things are?
a. I thought you were making them up.
b. Of course. I just haven't gotten around to them yet.
c. Does a micro mini = tea length? Kitten heels = leopard print? (And what's a hipster?)

4.) How long have you wanted to have a vintage wedding?
a. Maybe a yearish? Maybe two?
b. Four or five years and/or pretty much all my life.
c. Ever since I saw these gorgeous wedding pictures on this one website, like last week.

5.) Is there a difference between something that's vintage style and just plain vintage?
a. Not . . . really. Is this a trick question? I mean, I can see you've used the word "style" there, but don't trip me up in these semantics!
b. Of course. Is this a real question?
c. Vintage style looks good, and vintage is when wine was made.

6.) Do you consider leg warmers "vintage"?
a. Uh . . . I guess so. Sure.
b. Are you joking?
c. Yeah. Definitely not vintage style.

7.) Is your gown vintage or vintage style?
a. Not really. But I'm sure it will be. It's a classic.
b. One or the other.
c. Ugh, no. My wedding dress is HOTTT.

8.) Have you swooned over a certain royal wedding?
a. Prince William and Kate Middleton? Of course! It's inspiring my wedding!
b. Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly? Of course! It inspired my life!
c. Snooki got married?

9.) Will the rest of the wedding party be wearing vintage clothes or a vintage style?
a. That's a little much--I mean, not everybody wants to wear that.
b. Yes, and they're going to look AMAZING.
c. Do Bump Its count?

10.) Do you really want a vintage wedding?
a. Duh. Have you seen how cool they look?
b. Duh. I can't imagine having any other kind.
c. Duh. It's the hottest thing this year.

Mostly A's: Well. Maybe. I think you should find a theme that fits your own style better.

Mostly B's: Definitely. How could you not?

Mostly C's: Whoa. No. Step away from the vintage! And while we're at it, put down the hairspray and fake tanner!

What do you think? Do you want (or did you have) a vintage wedding? Who are vintage weddings best for?


Just Jaime said...

I love those centerpieces. What do you have against Snooki?

Jordan McCollum said...

Just that you're her biggest fan. ;)

Tracy said...

I am sure the wedding was beautiful.
Hubby and I eloped, so I didn't have the pleasure of planning my wedding, lol.
But I have 3 daughters and my oldest has already told me she wants me to make everything. I think she need a ring on her finger first though, lol.

Jordan McCollum said...

When the time comes, let us know! With the help of wonderful and talented family and friends, we've done three weddings from the wedding gowns to the bridesmaids to the flowers to the food to the cake to the decor. We've got a little advice to share. :)

The Scrappy Cottage said...

Love those centerpieces, one would look so nice in my scrappy cottage......

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