Heaven Sent Baby Shower, Food and Activities

Last week you remember I showed you the decor for our Heaven Sent baby shower. This week I'm sharing the food and activities from the shower.

First, let's go with the food, since I love to take pictures of it.


These Oreo Truffles were a big hit. We used lollipop sticks (purchased at AC Moore) and ribbon to jazz them up. I wrapped a block of floral foam ($2 at WalMart) in wrapping paper and we topped it off with ribbon. Did I mention how DELICIOUS they are?


Angel food cake is a MUST at a Heaven Sent shower. I bought this pan for $11.99 from WalMart.com. It wasn't the easiest to work with, even for my mom who is an experience cake maker and decorator. We eventually used white cake for the smaller cakes and purchased a large angel food cake. My mom made a simple powered sugar glaze for the top and some left over strawberries from....


 These rainbow kabobs. We chopped the fruit the day before and then assembled the kabobs the day of. It was very easy. I think I'd try to find some shorter skewers next time. Inspiration here


We made these "Individual Crudites" as Martha Stewart calls them. Since she thought of 'em, we'll go with that. I called them baguette cups. We purchased baguettes and cut them on a diagonal. Next we hollowed them out half way and filled the bottom with hummus or ranch dip. Then we inserted chopped veggies. Everyone was talking about them.  


The whole food table. My best friend brought beautiful flatware for us to use and this punch bowl.


I think Brooke enjoyed the food ;)


Now for the activities!

As guests were arriving, we had them fill out this little card. It gave them something to do. Sometimes I feel awkward at the beginning of showers, so it was kind of an ice breaker. It comes in different colors, we used the gray/pink combination.

Next we had a little quiz about Brooke and her husband as babies. My mom and I came up with the questions and we thoughy the answers (at least for Brooke's questions) were SO EASY! We were wrong, no one got more than one answer for Brooke's section correct. It was fun to find out about Brooke and Mr. Brooke as kids. We had pictures to go along with our answers and then had them displayed for the guests to look at afterwards. The winners got Skittles and Snickers, the couples' favorite candies.

Finally we played a game I named "Exactly or Excrement" It was my take on a game my family loves, Fact or Crap. We had two teams. I read a statement and each team had to decide whether the statement was true (Exactly) or false (Excrement). I made cute little paddles with cardstock circles and popsicle sticks but forgot to get a close up of them. 


 Me (my best side) holding the paddles and explaining the game. The white side says "Exactly" in gold ink. The brown side says "Excrement" in brown ink. I'm mature.


Our team captains PROUDLY displaying their responses. We had a tie and had to have a lame tie breaker cause I was out of facts! The winners got yummy Hersey's nuggets and Smarties. The losers got Tootsie Rolls and Dum Dums.

The shower was lots of fun and I probably wouldn't change a thing (except having a tie breaker question). Thank you so much to my mom, who did SO much work. There was no way I could have done it without her. Also thank you to Brooke, my grandma, aunts and best friend for all the work they did. If you have ANY questions, I'd love to help!


Jingle said...

Everything looks fabulous! I so need to make some cakepops!

Hedgehog Reader said...

What a beautiful shower! (I would say "thanks for sharing" but I think I'm mad at you - because after reading this, I'm ravenous and will probably go into the kitchen and eat so much that I won't fit into my jeans LOL!) Seriously, thanks for all the great pictures and ideas - and the fun activity descriptions!

Ashley Van Etten said...

it seems like it was an amazing shower!! The food looked gorgeous!

JustYolie said...

Oh goodness, they all look so delicious! I'm a new follower. TFS!

*reyanna* said...

Looks awesome! You guys did a great job! And even though I'm allergic to bread, those bread "cups" are awesome!!! :-)

Becky said...

This looks like so much fun! That food looks amazing!

The Scrappy Cottage said...

Yumm!!! now thats a wonderful spread of food.....

my4blessings said...

Wow, what a beautiful looking feast that is!

Nora said...

Hi, Jaime! The food looks delicious and very beautiful presentation! Everybody seemed to have a great time at the baby shower!
Thank you so much for the wonderful comment you left on my "Curvy" layout on my blog! And thank you for suggesting an online photo service! That is a wonderful idea while I don't have transportation and also to save me gas when I get another vehicle (or get the van fixed, but I gave up on that weeks ago! Lol!) You have been so helpful thank you very, very much!

Unknown said...

All that food looks fantastic! Can you come cook for me? LOL!

I love the games, too. :) It looks like you guys had a great time!

Heather Landry said...

Those baguette cups are so fantastic! You girls did so much work for your sisters shower. I'm really glad that she liked it!!!

Sara said...

What a fun looking party! I love the rainbow kabobs. So pretty!

Unknown said...

This sounds like such a fun time!!! And the food looks SO good! :) Thanks for stopping by Truly Lovely and leaving some love!

Janet said...

What a nice baby shower! You're food table was so impressive. Great job!

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