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A couple years ago I was in a great book club. We had a ton of members and really fun meetings every month. I made bookmarks one month with the next book plus the next three books written on them so each member would know. In our library (which I'm sure is available in most libraries) we could check out book club kits which included a set of books. I handed out the books with the bookmarks in them. This would also be a great way to start a book club.

Bookclubbookmark 002

What you need (per bookmark):
  • Two-sided paper or 2 coordinating papers- you can get 5 book marks from a 12x12 sheet of paper
  • 2 eyelets (and setter)
  • book list
  • embellishments (I used ribbon and a stamp & stamp pad)

Instructions for two different papers
Step 1: Cut main paper 2.25" x 11.5" and coordinating paper 2.25" x 3.5" (A) and 2.25" x 1" (B).
Step 2: Glue coordinating paper to the back of the main paper. (A) or top and (B) on bottom

Step 3: Fold paper across bookmark 6.5" from top
Step 4: Fold out paper 1 inch from bottom (at edge of (B)) and glue down
Step 5: Put eyelets at top of (B) to create the pocket.
Step 6: Embellish! I used ribbon in the eyelets and a stamp at the bottom of the page. I also rounded the corners.

Instructions for two sided paper
Step 1: Cut paper 2.25" x 11.5"
Step 2: Fold paper 6.5" from the top and fold out 1" inch from bottom and glue down.
Step 3: Use eyelets at top of small fold to hold bookmark together.
Step 4: Embellish! (see above)
Here is another example:

I know I got this idea somewhere but I can't find the link!


Heather Landry said...

That's a great idea! I love the ribbons that you used to accent each one.

Just Jaime said...

That is a great idea to use for a book club!

Tracy said...

This is such a cool idea. I would love to join a book club like yours :) Sounds fun.

Jordan McCollum said...

I wish I had a good book club. We had one a few years ago, but it died out after a couple months.

Brie @ Darling Doodles said...

What a fun idea! I'm in a book club which I love and I think I'll be making these for all the ladies. Thanks for sharing, found your blog through the beyond the picket fence link party!

Brie from

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