Bleached T-Shirt

So a few weeks ago my husband asked me if I'd like to get season football tickets for the local university (where he is getting a graduate degree). I said "Sure" and my mind started to work. How could I personalize a t-shirt to say MBA Wife? Because, hey, I'm earning it too, right?

After a trip to the local thrift store--shout out to Savers--I picked up several t-shirts for cheap. Then I found a way to personalize them: Spray Bottle Bleaching! It took no time! I'm going to share with you the test shirt I made to make sure it worked.

Freezer paper
Plastic bag (optional)
Painter's tape (optional)

Spray Bottle

Here's how to do it my wayward way:

Pick out a design you want. I made one on my computer in word: Wayward Girls' Crafts of course! I chose a font and then made the letters outlined. Next, print out the letters on freezer paper. To do this, tape freezer paper on to regular paper so it will slide through the printer. You want to print on the papery side, NOT the waxy side. Then cut it out!

Next arrange your letters on your shirt. With a warm iron, iron those letters on. Make sure the letters are secure and aren't coming up on the sides. If they are, just iron 'em again!

So next grab some cardboard and stick it inside your shirt so the bleach mixture won't seep through and get to the other side of your shirt. 

I wanted to have a box/rectangle around the WGC so I did this next step. You don't have to. Take a plastic bag and cut a rectangle (or any shape) on one side. Put your shirt inside the bag. Make sure your letters fit in the rectangle.

Then use the painter's tape around the edge to seal it.

The bag is going to act as a shield from the bleach. You want to make sure it's covering all the fabric, except what will be bleached.

Next it's time to make your bleach mixture. I roughly, waywardly, tried about 2/3 bleach to 1/3 water. I've read some people used undiluted, and some used other mixtures. I just eyeballed it, roughly.

Next, take the whole operation outside, or a well ventilated area that you won't bleach anything (like a bathroom?). It's best if it's not windy out. Make sure your nozzle is on misting and not squirt (like a straight shot). I did a few test runs on on the cement and figured it out.

You don't want to directly spray it. Just mist over it so it lands there. At least if you want the look I with with.

 You can see I made sure it was good and misted. 

Peel off the letters, tape and plastic bag. It isn't going to be a super big difference, it's rather subtle at first.

This is how it looks after getting washed and dried. My husband was impressed. Time to take it to the next level and make my MBA Wife shirt =)

Any questions?


Mary Pat Siehl said...

what a fun idea! love personalized things!

Brave Brooke said...

Shout out to WGC! I wish I had Savers :( I'm glad you mentioned to give it some time because I would probably just keep pouring on the bleach :)


Very Nice :) love it

Irum said...

hay love it.... I am going to try it NOW :)thx dear

Tracy said...

What a fun project. It turned out perfectly!!!

Havalah Turner | Sisters, What! said...

what a great idea! i love it...I'm going to have to try this. p.s. and its true, you're definitely earning the degree too.

Carmella said...

Great result!! I love the way it turned out...thanks so much for sharing :)

Carmella said...

Oh...and why in the world was I not following your wonderful blog before?? I am now :)

Unknown said...

I saw some shirts like this at girls camp and wanted to try it ever since! Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!

Lauryn Ashli said...

this is very cool.
thanks for sharing!
{love} lauryn @

McKelle said...

This is great! I'll have to try it! ~Sorry, I deleted my fist comment cause my name wasn't appearing so I tried to fix it in my profile. :/
BTW, I'm glad you like my coffee table redo...makes me feel better!

Unknown said...

Fun Idea! Now following! :)

Kimberly T. said...

Very cool! My girls made these at girls camp with leaves and stuff, but they didn't turn out near as cool as this.

Malinda Jane Sieg said...

Cool idea! And I agree, we wives of students really deserve some credit, too. :)

Good Girl Gone Green said...

Neat idea! :)

Kei said...

Looks awesome!

Chef in Training said...

This is such a great idea! It looks so awesome! I would love it if you would share this and/or any other projects you have been up to at Tuesday Talent Show at Chef In Training! Thanks so much and I hope to see you there!

Mindie Hilton said...

Very cool, I want one that says BAcon Time.
Thanks for sharing at Bacon time.

Becky said...

Great idea! I am going to have to try this soon!

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