Fall table runner made with 4 fat quarters

Table runners are a great way to introduce seasonal decor into a room, and believe it or not, this quilted fall table runner makes a great first piecing project!

It can be made with 4 fat quarters (1 for the leaf, 1 background for the leaf, 1 medium value, and 1 dark value). You will also need a backing fabric that measures 52" by 15". You can use 1/2 yard of fabric to make that. If you choose, you could also make this table runner with scraps that you have on hand.

Cutting instructions: From each fat quarter, make the following cuts. Make the sizes designated the first cut first. Then, cut that piece into the sizes indicated in the second cut column. (For example, your 4 x 20 piece will be cut into 5  4" x 4" squares.

Leaf Fabric

First Cut
Second Cut

How Many

How many

4” X 20” strip
4” x 16” strip
9” x 13 ½ piece

1” x 12” strip
6” strips

Leaf Background Fabric
9” x 13 ½ piece

4” x 12” strip
4” squares

Medium Fabric
11 ½ “ square
5 ¾ “ squares

Dark Fabric
13” square
Right triangles


Step 1- Speedy Triangles
Layer the 9" x 13 ½" rectangles from the leaf and background fabrics, right sides together. Match them up exactly.
Use your ruler aqnd a pen to mark the wrong side of the lighter fabric into 4 1/2" squares.  Then draw diagonal lines as shown. Sew ¼" seams on both sides of the diagonal lines. Cut on all lines, diagonal and straight. Press to set seams, then press open. (Seam allowances to dark side.) You will have “tails”  at the corners. These can be trimmed off when you square up into 4" squares.
In this picture, the lines are drawn in blue and the seams are sewn in black.

Step 2  Cut 3 of the 4” squares of the leaf background fabric into right triangles.   
Sew one triangle onto one 1” x 6” inch strip. Repeat with 2 more triangles.

Press open, then add a second triangle on the opposite side. Try to line up the corners so that it will form a square. Press open. Square up into 4” squares.

Note: When sewing several repetitions of the same block section, don’t cut the thread in between sections. It saves time. Cut them apart at the ironing board. (This is called chain sewing.)
Step 3 Layout the leaf blocks as shown. Sew sets of the block together.  For example, start by sewing all Square A1s to Squares B1, then A2 to B2, and finally A3 to B3. After you sew the first group of sets together (chaining them!), press open. Square up as needed.

Step 4- Add the next square (C1, C2, or C3) to the sets. Press. Now you should have 3 sets of 3 square sections of the block.
I always lay my pieces out in the block pattern after each step to make sure I am sewing the right way.
Step 5- Form the block by sewing the sets together. Make sure to match the seams. Press.
Step 6-Sew one triangle from the dark fabric to one side of the medium 5 ¾ “ medium square. Press open. You might need to trim the corner of the first corner where the second triangle will intersect. Repeat on the opposite side.  Press seams.
Step 7- Sew sections as shown. Press seams

Step 8- Sew the sections together. Trim as needed. Tada! You are ready for a backing. You can either layer it with batting and a backing fabric or use a prequilted backing.

What colors would you use in a fall table runner?


Brave Brooke said...

I love it but can you please not remind me that fall is only a few days away? JK This is awesome! You rock Mom!

Jordan McCollum said...

This is great, Mom! I love how detailed the directions are. I might have to make this my first piecing project myself!

Jasmine said...

That looks so good!!

Jennifer N. said...

This runner is beautiful! I love the colors and pattern. Great tutorial.

scrappinmomto2girls said...

this is just gorgeous!! Thx for sharing!

Amy said...

great tutorial!! Love the colors....it just screams Fall!

Tracy said...

Your table runner is beautiful.
Love the colours and the pattern.

Cherise said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing! :)

Heather Landry said...

This is beautiful and so unique. I love it to bits! Thanks so much for sharing.

Mindie Hilton said...

beautiful table runner thanks for sharing at Bacon Time.

Ethereal PLUS what I Love said...

Lovely ...I think I might try this.

Melanie @ bear rabbit bear said...

Absolutely lovely! Thanks for linking to Things I've Done Thursdays.


Diann said...

Love it. It tured out wonderful. Thank you for joining Thrifty Things Friday. Have a fun weekend.

Terri @ A Creative Princess said...

Oh my gosh, I love it! What a great idea for fat quarters! You did an awesome job!

Live a Colorful Life said...

Great tutorial. I can't wait for the weather to feel like fall here in the central valley of California. Unfortunately that is still about a month away...

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