Saturday Sister Spotlight 4: At the Picket Fence

Since it's September, we're doubling up on Saturday Sister Spotlights!

I just love finding other sister craft blogs, and I want to get to know these bloggers better, and share them with our readers. Today's spotlight is about Heather and Vanessa, the two sisters behind

Heather, a Kentucky transplant, and Vanessa, residing in the Pacific Northwest, live about as far away from one another as I live from Mom and Brooke (and Jasmine when she's not at school). They use their craft blog to connect across the country (just like us!) and with all of us, too.

Heather is a homeschooling mom (10-year veteran!) of two who loves writing, photography, blogging and most of all cooking.

Vanessa is a stay-at-home-but-not-at-home mom of two, and (like her sister) she is a committed DIYer with a talent for repurposing items, decorating, party planning and more.

Here are a couple recent examples of their fantastic crafts:

Vanessa made this clever center for school papers with some extra beadboard and cork above her kitchen sink:

Heather is remodeling her whole kitchen on a budget. The builder-grade oak cabinets filling the entire space were driving her nuts. (I SO FEEL YOUR PAIN. I have 51 oak cabinets and drawers in my kitchen, plus oak trim on the counters, and oak walls backing the breakfast bar. There's so much oak I don't even know where to begin—or how I can ever finish. </temper tantrum>) Her awesome improvements include this farmhouse sink:

At the Picket Fence is also home to a fantastic link party, Inspiration Friday!

Of course, no Saturday Sister Spotlight would be truly complete without a . . .

Saturday Sister Challenge! At the Picket Fence has graciously accepted our challenge, and the theme is . . .


Stay tuned to At the Picket Fence, and here on Wayward Girls' Crafts, to see what direction Heather and Vanessa take this theme. I know I'm excited to see what they do!

UPDATE! Heather and Vanessa have answered the challenge! Vanessa created this corn husk wreath:

And Heather made these monogrammed pumpkins (in the same post as above):
Fantastic job, ladies!! Thanks so much for being up to the challenge!


Anonymous said...

Love the Picket Fence blog and everything the (real) sistas do - thanks for spotlighting them!

Mary @ Redo 101

Canda said...

Thanks for sharing another good blog for ideas.

Tracy said...

Thank you for sharing this blog :)

Heather Landry said...

I really love that monogrammed pumpkin! Such a neat idea!

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