3 Fashion Rules to Live By

I am so happy I got some fashion questions from you guys last week! It really does make us happy to not only get comments but to get comments that answer our questions if we ask them!! Now, by next week I want a few more questions so I can have a Q&A post next week. So ask me more questions and I  will answer them ALL next week.
I am no fashion expert but here are 3 rules I think are good to live by when it comes to your wardrobe:
1. White and Black: The whole white after Labor Day is not a real rule. I think it depends on the climate where you live. If it's warm year round (feel free to invite me to visit you in the winter) then white is a perfectly fine color to choose. If it's cold out, steer clear of white shoes. White pants to me just scream "Spill something on me!" so I don't even bother but if you are magical and keep your white pants white, then you go girl! Now for black. Every girl should own a little black dress and every man should own a tailored black (other dark colors would be nice too) suit. I think the black suit is pretty self explanatory but the little black dress...now ladies that's not that simple. Little black dress just means that one nice dress that makes you look great and is black. This does not mean skimpy, shows WAY too much of you or is just plain tacky. This means classy, beautiful and nice. 
2. T-Shirt Rant T-shirt,s t-shirts, t-shirts...t-shirts should not be your entire wardrobe. I love a good t-shirt but that can't be the only thing you wear. What do I mean by a t-shirt? A casual shirt that may have some 2007 family reunion picture on it. I work with children so I completely understand that moms don't want to get nice clothes ruined with what their children may throw at them (literally and figuratively.) Aim for a date night with the hubby/wife/significant other or just even yourself once a week. This could even be a stay-at-home date night. You know what makes you feel good. So take some time out and dedicate it to you! Ok, I have more advice on t-shirts. You should not own a t-shirt for more than 6 years. Odds are, it's old, has signs of wear and tear and it's probably out dated. If you bought this t-shirt at a secondhand store, it's a good idea to keep it for less than 6 years. Graduated from high school too many years ago and still own a shirt from that era...definitely part ways with it. I am a total "but that is sentimental" person and not just with my clothes. But I have to tell myself just because it reminds me of something doesn't mean I have to keep it. And I probably have a picture or 200 of whatever it may be. If you make have a sentimental connection with that shirt, take a picture of it and then retire it in the garbage. If you just can't separate yourself with this shirt, then maybe you could make a t-shirt quilt. It's ok to keep around a couple of those oversized t-shirts that have absolutely not nice shape to them for pj's or a work shirt too.
3. Give vs Throw Giving away clothes or throwing them away should be based on age and wear and tear. If the article is outdated (if you don't know what's outdated, if it's over 10 years old, it's probably outdated or just ask a teenage girl) you could save it in a box and wait for that to come back into style (good for you if you have that storage space and optimism), cut it apart and use the fabric for a project or just toss it. If there are bad stains, holes, whatever, you probably should throw it away or tear it apart and make some cleaning rags out of it. Throwing away clothes may seem wasteful but if there is no way that someone would wear it or could use it then it's ok to throw it away. I'm all for recycling as much as you can, too. When you give away clothes ask yourself why you are giving this away. If you are giving it away because you don't wear it or just doesn't fit anymore then that's perfect. However, if you're thinking "those pants have a fatty grass stain on them" then don't give that away. It's just not good to give poor quality clothes to a secondhand store.

I found this on pinterest and found it to be amazingly refreshing coming from a very famous celebrity.


Tracy said...

Great tips.
My daughters 20 and 16 were watching home videos from when they were babies.
Then asked me do you still have that white sweater your wearing in the video, because I would love it.
LOL, Yup I guess its back in style....and NO I didn't still have it, lol.

Kara @ Mine for the Making said...

Fab tips! Super helpful. I would LOVE for you to link up to my fashion linky party called DIY Diva Thursdays! We party every TH-M :) Hope you'll stop by!


Mindie Hilton said...

Great tips. I need to go through my closset and clean it out.

sstone said...

Lol, I definitely have a couple sweatshirts that are very old. They're zip up sweatshirts though, so it's ok...right?;) Thanks so much, these are pretty helpful tips.:)
PS, I LOVE your background flowers.

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