Organizing your Christmas list

Like many of you, I have been busy baking, eating, shopping, and being with the family and not crafting. Additionally, Jasmine and I are finally painting her room. So, instead of a craft today, I will share an idea that has evolved over time. Once all of my birth family was grown with families of our own, one of my brothers used to have us all fill out Christmas wishlists that he and his wife prepared. Then they were shared them with the whole family. (Note: we did not love filling these out! However, they were very helpful when shopping.) Now I have taken this a step further and gone to Google Docs. Instead of having pages and pages of lists, we have everything on one spreadsheet we can take with us when we go out shopping.

If you have lots of people on your list and need their input on what to give this year, you might try our way. Today when we pulled out the spreadsheet, the salesman was very impressed!

You will need to use Gmail. In  Gmail, click on Documents. Then click on a red box on the left side called Create. Under Create, select Form. Now you can create questions for your family to complete. The first question should be NAME so you know who is answering. Then I created a question for categories such as clothing, electronics, DVDS, jewelry, toys, games, books, etc. I also have a question for any online wishlists.

Once you have created your form, you can send the link to the family. They complete the form and submit it. Their responses appear in a spreadsheet. You can give access to your family to be able to view the spreadsheet or you can send them copies.

Have fun with it!

We hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Tracy said...

Wow that is very organized. I'm impressed ;)

Tanya said...

That is wonderful! My mother in law passed around forms at Thanksgiving for everyone to fill out. I think this looks much easier. Love it.

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