Tissue Paper, Spray Paint, Fabulous!

Last week, my church had a "tea" party. (We don't drink tea, so I'm not really sure why they wanted to call it that.) All I really knew about it is that we were supposed to wear hats.

So I went big.

I'd just been perusing pictures from this year's Ascot, so I knew exactly what I wanted to do:
Princess Haya of Jordan, Sheikha of Dubai
via Order of Sartorial Splendor
But since the craft stores only supply straw hats, it felt a little more like:

I wanted my hat to be a little lighter, so I went for the good old standby, spray paint.

Two coats on each side left enough variation in the color to make it look natural.

Then Mom and I worked on the flowers. Mom made an accordion flower, and I made a big twist flower.

Accordion flower

Twist flower
Secure the twist with wire, trim to round the corners and you're set to go!

We combined our flowers, with Mom's according flower forming the center of for my big twist flower. I poked the wires from Mom's flower through my tissue paper and tied the wire below.

Rather than worrying about attaching it to the hat, I clipped the stem of the flower in my hair and put the hat on at an angle. It did fall off once, and the breeze was a problem when shooting photos, but it was also nice to be able to take it off to fit into my car without worrying about messing up the flower.

I also discovered my new life motto:
Just get me some spray paint and tissue paper, and I'm fabulous!

What makes you feel fabulous?


Just Jaime said...

I like the Scarlet look. But you look beautiful! Great job!

Diana said...

You ate fabulous with or without tissue paper and spray paint.

Tracy said...

Your hat looks great :)
Love your new motto ;)

Lisa said...

Syuper cute! It looks so great on you! This is one of those crafts I would spend the time on and then never get the guts to actually wear. But I love it on you!

Sarah | Cable Car Couture said...

How fun! We made hair clips from silk flowers at a girl's night out activity with gals from church yesterday. They turned out great. This is such a creative project! Nicely done!

Cable Car Couture

Heather Landry said...

Well Fiddle Dee Dee, I do declare that you look simply ravishing! (Sorry, my inner Scarlett wanted to leave the comment! LOL)

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