How Do You Save Money?

We've talked a lot about how to save money on groceries but I want to hear some feed back from our readers!

Here are some of the sources I look to for saving money:

Totally Target- I think I may be slightly addicted to Target
My Litter- she has general information about saving around the web. Sometimes it's a bit too much info though. I really like her coupon database
Southern Savers- this has a lot of deals on it but not as much extra stuff as MyLitter
Baby Cheapskate- I love that they frequently post the current deals for diapers (even cloth!), wipes, kids clothes, etc

The Grocery Game: I subscribe to two stores (Kroger and Harris Teeter) so it is $15 every 6 weeks. I love that the price has never gone up and they have a super convenient format and it is easy to use. for Target store coupons

Target Cartwheel- Can you tell I really like Target? Seriously though, we get their diapers and frequently I will have a coupon and a cartwheel. So even though their diapers begin being cheaper than name brand diapers, they get even cheaper with coupons! At Target you can you one Manufacturer's, one Target, and one Cartwheel coupon per item. That is three coupons on one item. I just love it! To use the Cartwheel app (or you can use it on the computer) you load deals on your cartwheel and at checkout the cashier scans one barcode, either on your phone or from a printout.
Ibotta: I've never used this one but I've heard good things about it - Have any of you used it?
Checkout 51: Again I've never used this one. I just read a post on Southern Savers about is. What do y'all think?

Kroger: So I used to do 90% of my grocery shopping at Kroger but they changed their customer loyalty program and took away their doubling coupons all within 5 months. They said they were replacing them with lower prices. Not only have I found their prices have increased but also the deals obviously aren't as numerous. I have cut back my shopping at Kroger to about 30%
Aldi: I have to drive almost 20 minutes to Aldi but I make the trek once a month to get their great deals. They are building one less than 10 minutes away though :)
Harris Teeter: I love their double coupon policy (under a dollar doubles). Super doubles and triples are awesome as well!

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