Monthly Baby Photos: Idea round up

I'm sure you have seen the monthly growth pictures on Pinterest but I thought I would compile a list of some different ideas and show you mine!

Some ideas from the pins below:

  • Being held by mom with type on top
  • Stickers added to onesies
  • Stats written around the baby
  • Compared to a stuffed animal
  • Next to a chalkboard with stats
  • In the tub (so cute!)
This last one is tips for capturing those monthly photos. 

Here are my cuties!

 It just occurred to me I don't think I have introduced you to my new cutie! Let's call her KZ or Kizzie. Here is the shot I took of her recently. Um...yes you read that right she is only three months old. She is nice and round. I think she is going to be tall like her daddy.
Here is PB at 7 months. This was taken TWO years ago! Can you believe it!? Each month I used a different font. In December it was a Christmas font, October a Halloween one, etc. The backing was glittery fun foam.

How are you keeping (did you keep) track of growth?!

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