3 Origami Projects For Kids

I was looking through a few tutorials and I was reminded of some of the little things I used to make as a kid and I learned a couple more when I was planning an activity for my Activity Days (8-11 year old church group) girls.

Here are three tutorials for cute little origami projects for kids:

Beginner: Puppy 

Start with a square piece of paper. 
 Fold the paper diagonally in half
 Fold down two triangles for ears
 Fold up the bottom of the triangle for the snout and draw eyes and a nose. 

Intermediate: Balloon

Start with a square piece of paper
 Fold in half both ways (hot dog and hamburger) as well as on each diagonal. 
 With the page folded in half, fold the left and right corners down.

 Fold the tip of each triangle (4) to the top
 Fold each (4) corner in toward the middle. 

 Pull the top and place into pocket 

 Pull corners to loosen 
 Blow into hole at the end

Advanced: Flower

Start with a square piece of paper and fold it on the diagonal. These first steps are only to create creases to fold on later.
 Take the right and left corners and fold them up to the center point
 Fold the right and left corners in half  (see photo)

 Unfold until you get to the biggest triangle again
 Fold the left and right corners in (see picture)
 Unfold. While holding the middle place fingers inside corner and make a diamond out of the bottom fold. My thumb in the picture is on the fold from the bottom of the triangle. Repeat on other side.

 Fold down tops of diamonds along crease. 

 Fold diamonds in half along crease.
 Loop so diamonds touch and glue together. Make five petals and glue together. 

Have a great weekend!

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