Cloud shaped garland

So Brave Brooke is expecting her first baby in June. In February I asked her if I could throw her a baby shower. Since then I've been collecting ideas for decor, food and activities at the shower. It's now crunch time as the shower is a mere 12 days away! I've made a to do list for every day from now until then because I also have to finish the present for the baby.

The theme for the shower is "Heaven Sent," I was looking for inspiration and found this idea for garland from Remodelaholic (love that blog). I decided to adapt my party theme to this garland and make mine out of clouds!

White fabric (got mine for a steal from the remnant bin at Joann)
Sewing Machine

Here's what I did:

1. First, freestyle a picture of a cloud on cardstock. It doesn't have to be perfect. Cut it out and then use it as a template on your white fabric. You could use a disappearing pencil or just a plain ol' pencil like I did. After tracing your cloud over and over, cut them out. To make it easier I would fold the fabric over and cut out two at a time:


2. Pin the clouds together. You can spread them out more than I did, but I wanted to make sure they'd stay together. If you spread them out the probably would look more like clouds (or whatever shape you wanted) in the end.


I made several different strands and then attached them while I was sewing.

3. Sew them all together in as straight of a line as possible, but it doesn't really matter (which is great since I told you guys I can't really sew. You should have seen the fight I had with the bobbin last night). Connect the different strands when you run out. 

Cloud Garland

4. You're DONE! This craft was really easy once I got my bobbin fixed (I'm not still upset about that or anything). I laid it out on my couch to show you a contrasting color.

I used about a remnant that was 3/4 of a yard and my garland was about 10 ft long (much longer than my couch, I didn't show the extra). I'm excited to use this in decorating! It doesn't look TOO cloud-y so I could use it in a different party as well.


What kind of shapes would you cut?

****Don't forget about Wayward Weekend! It's still going on and you can link your projects up. Scroll down to link your latest creation!


Sharon said...

Beautiful, Have fun at the shower. I threw my daughters baby shower in Feb. And the baby was born the next day,LOL he was 5 weeks early, I guess he wanted to come out and see all the great gifts.


Jingle said...

This is really cute!

Heather Landry said...

This is so very cool! I really love the idea! I think it would look great with multicolored hearts for Valentine's day too.

Erin Bassett said...


Sharla said...

Very clever idea, and perfect for a shower!

ScrappnBee said...

That is such a clever idea! It looks fabulous! I don't think that I would have ever thought of shapes for bunting/ garland! maybe stars for the 4th? LOL! Great job!

Sara said...

What a great idea! I think it would be cute as hearts for a Valentine decoration. Good luck tackling your to do list!

Tracy said...

This is a fun theme. So sweet.
What a sweet garland.

Katherine said...

Great idea - good luck with all your preparations :)

Ashley Van Etten said...

this is great!! so very creative!!

Janet said...

This is a fun idea! Enjoy the shower. :)

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