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As Jordan stated yesterday, we were lucky enough to spend the weekend together. On Thursday we were silly at the thrift store:

On Saturday we decided to be crafty. After toying around with a few crafty ideas we decided to dye eggs using natural ingredients. We consulted this website for different ideas on ingredients. We had most everything on hand but did run to the grocery store for a few items and more eggs. We decided to experiment with stuff we had around the house as well as recommended items. Here's what we used:

1. Yellow onion skins
2. Strawberry jam
3. Red grapes
4. Sweet potato skins
5. Orange peels
6. Parsley and cooked spinach (bought frozen)
7. Carrots
8. Blueberries
9. Red onion skins

Boiling up the goodness

We boiled each of these items with a few tablespoons of vinegar and a pinch or two of salt. We eye balled everything and laughed a lot as we cooked. After letting these items boil for about 20 minutes each, we strained them into glass jars and let them cool.

Click to enlarge

As Jordan said, she blew the eggs first. I only successfully emptied one egg, but she got 8 done in an hour! Because our eggs were floating, we had to put baby food jars on top of them to get them fully submersed. This is what the yellow onion looked like after about 30 minutes:

Then we left the eggs to soak all night long. Here are our results:

Becca chose her favorite egg, the speckled "dinosaur egg" (blueberries). We're not positive why we got that result, but maybe it's from the amount of salt we put in.

We loved experimenting with different ingredients and seeing the results. Some of our experiments left us underwhelmed, but we enjoyed the process so much it didn't really matter. There's probably a reason why those ingredients weren't recommended ;) What can you find around your house to make your own natural dye?


Jordan McCollum said...

I kinda wish we'd taken the yellow onion one out when you said to, though I like the vibrant orange.

I wonder if the red onion skins didn't turn out like it's supposed to because we boiled them twice. It was such a pretty red!

Heather Landry said...

I think that these would make awesome Spring decor with their more subdued colors. They look more like natural eggs. KWIM?

Martica Designs said...

Great idea I just wish I had little kids at home to share this with....

Valerie Ipson said...

These would go great with a whole vintagy-easter decor theme.

Jordan McCollum said...

@Martica—Who needs little kids? We made these after my kids were in bed, and the subdued colors are great for "grownup" seasonal decorations.

(There are some brighter color possibilities—I want to try red cabbage leaves in the future!)

Becky said...

So pretty!

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