Thursday, April 28, 2011


On Christmas Eve, our extended family on my mom's side gets together for dinner, carols and a gift exchange called Gift From the Heart. About a month or two before, we draw names for GFtH. It's kind of like Secret Santa. After you draw a name, you keep it a secret and make or buy them a present. The present isn't just any present, it's a thoughtful gift that has meaning behind it. This past Christmas I drew Brooke's name. I decided to make her a countdown to her due date. Paper chains and electronic countdowns are sometimes boring and not personal so I had to be more creative than that. Brooke LOVES Skittles so what better way to countdown to your due date than eating a skittle a day? With the help of my mom, I found a small jar (a baby jar would've been even better but we couldn't find any empty ones anywhere!) Then I counted out the days until her due date. Just like that, you have a fun and simple countdown!

For an update of last week's craft, I wore my dress for Easter Sunday and got many complements on it!


Just Jaime said...

The dress looks great, but where's your face hottie?

Jordan McCollum said...

What a fun gift idea. And the dress is even cuter on!

(And dude, I would've sent you a baby food jar. I have tons. I've been saving them since Hayden was a baby.)

(Tons = ~7)

Heather Landry said...

The Skittles are such a cute idea for a due date countdown! I really love this blog. You girls are all just so creative!

Tracy said...

What a fun and thoughtful gift idea :)
Your dress is gorgeous.

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