Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sewing Machine Update

This afternoon Jasmine and I spent a few happy hours sewing machine shopping. We started at a Pfaff dealer, then Bernina, and finally one that carried Viking, Janome, and Brother.
We tried a lot of machines, but our hearts are set on the first one we tried: the Pfaff Ambition 1.5.
We really loved it! Nothing in the price range compared to it in any of the stores.
Do any of you have one? How do you like it?


Tracy said...

I have a Pfaff Quilt Expressions 2048. I love it, but haven't used it in a while, paper crafting is taking over at the moment, lol

Just Jaime said...

Looks very fancy! You know what I have, though.

*reyanna* said...

My mom has always told me that Pfaffs are the best! :-) I have a Brother though because #1 - I JUST learned how to sew. LOL. #2 - It was a gift. #3 - It's affordable right now.

Maybe when I get good at sewing... and sewing more than blankets and cushions... I'll look into a Pfaff! ;-) Have fun with it!! :-D

Brave Brooke said...

I'm way jealous. You're going to let me sew on that right?

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