Happy Fall, Y'all!

We moved 5 weeks ago and doubled our house size and I have since (of course) changed how I want every single room decorated. I'm changing color schemes and decor from our last house. Please forgive me as I will post mostly about house projects. I will need your opinions/advice on tons of things, so thanks in advance!!

In the south the chill has only started to creep in within the last few weeks. After it did of course I got the itch to have deep oranges, yellows, and reds adorn all level surfaces in my home. I bought extra pumpkins to autumn-ify our kitchen with a centerpiece and broke out the decorations I bought last year.

Since moving my husband has been working on a special project for me. It turned out beautiful and I am so lucky to have such a handy guy. I will post the tutorial for this next week. It is the awesome backdrop to my mantle.

 Last Friday I determined I was going to need a ton more stuff for my mantle so I went over to Michael's. This is a great time to get stuff because all of their Fall/Halloween stuff is 70% off and it isn't too picked through yet. I have three simple tips for decorating your mantle:

1. Invest in items that can be used in any season. Two examples are the green crazy tall thing that adds height and the large glass hurricanes.
2. Get one or two more things than you think you need.
3. Use varying heights, textures, and color to add visual interest.

There are mini pumpkins inside the hurricanes.

I also got this super cute table from my amazing friend who recently moved away. I think I am going to do something like this to it. I'm so grateful she gave it to me because it fits perfect in this space.
More of the decorations were on the table but little hands got to throwing the glass things on the floor and so they were put up higher :)

Happy Fall, Y'all!!

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Just Jaime said...

No need to apologize, we all love home decorating. Great mantle! And good job hubby!

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