Friday, November 30, 2012

Wayward Tiling

Life is crazy at our house! As a part of getting ready for the wedding and Christmas, we decided to tile our kitchen floor. The husband laid the underflooring on Friday and then was too sore to tile on Saturday. So guess who got to do it? That's right, me.
It wasn't so hard, but it was very messy. It took a long time, and at the end I could hardly stand. The last box of tile was all broken so we couldn't even finish the room. We wrapped up our work at around 11:30 Saturday night, and then the three of us sat in the family room and ate cake!
It is now 1 week later, and we are still not done. Jasmine and I are about to grout because Ben has to work late.
The floor looks ok-- but some of my joints aren't straight. (The joints in the floor, not in my body.) Now I am looking at tiling everywhere I go to see if anyone else has wayward tiles like we do. Hopefully we will get finished tonight so we can move our major appliances out of the living room and dining room.


Brave Brooke said...

It looks great! You won't notice the wayward joints in other peoples' houses because the only person that can see them are the ones that made them!

Laura said...

Brooke is probably right. I'm sure my in-laws (who have laid tile in of their house) have wayward joints, but I don't notice. I do know that I'm not interested in tiling anything else for a loooong time.

Just Jaime said...

Good for you for doing it!

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