Craft Room

I think the only room I have things anywhere close to done is the half of our sunroom that I turned into my craft room. There is not a ton of wall space to work with because all the walls are windows. I had a bunch of pieces my husband had gotten for me at our last house and they never really fit. Well we put them together here and it worked out better than expected. I went to Ikea and found a perfect tabletop that fit in the space like a glove and it was $6!!

Here is what it looks like:

The quilt in the background is pieces made by my great great grandmother that my mom pieced together. It is my legacy of creativity.

Shelves and brackets: Home Depot
Rotating cube organizer: Michael's
White half shelf: Target
Table top: Ikea
Scrapbooking cube top: Michael's
Scrapbooking cub bottom: Michael's

Everything has a label that I made in Word and taped onto the side. 
We put a shelf between the two cubes to create storage behind for my Cricut and  sewing machine. It works perfect!

The other side of the room. These parts are from Target. 

I put all of my fabric on foam board rectangles shaped 6" x 10"

Here is the whole room.

So relaxing crafting here on a sunny morning.
So now that I have a space for crafting it is so much easier to so projects whether big or small, whether I have a lot of time or a little. I could also put up a table in the center of the room for craft nights with my friends. I hope this gave you some inspiration for your space!

What helps you craft? Do you get together with your friends to craft?


Diana said...

It looks great in person, TOO!

Just Jaime said...

Looks awesome! I love how organized it is--I think it really helps to create when you can see what you've got!

Maranda said...

This is amazing for so many reasons! I wish I had your space, your supply, your organization, and your creativity. So awesome and makes me want to organize stuff!

Lisa said...

Love all your organization! It makes it so much easier to work in there when you know just where everything is. Also love all the sunshine you get in there!

Kristen said...

Nice! My craft space is only half organized; the yarn is great but the rest needs work. Hope mine can get as organized as yours someday.

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