Crafting from Birth!

Crafting has always been a part of my life. I just didn't realize how far back it went until this week when my parents gave me something they had found among my late aunt's mementos.
It was a handmade birth announcement addressed to my uncle for me!

(I thought publishing the girls' mother's maiden name might not be the best idea.)

My mother drew the tree, stapled a  little branch, and then glued a tiny bow to each announcement. I wonder if she had them made in advance, just waiting for my arrival to fill in the details and determine the correct color ribbon. The information is very precise! She likes to inform me I was the fattest baby of all her children. (I am not now!!! I am definitely the runt of the family.)

Check out the envelope.

Stamps were 4 cents!  Zip codes weren't invented. But the most amazing thing to me is that my mother mailed this out 6 days after my birth. What is she, Wonder Woman? (Yes.)

It was really touching to receive this for lots of reasons. First off, to see what my mother had made to announce my birth, second to see that my uncle had kept it for these many years and somehow it had ended up with his sister. Finally, to see that we have generations of crafters in the family!


Just Jaime said...

I love it! Grandma is awesome!

Lauren said...

What a wonderful thing to find!

Lisa said...

What a great memory to find! That's so cool!

Cindy said...

that is super cool! what an amazing bit of history, and so meaningful too!

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