Bed Time Miracle Chart

PB is turning 3 in a few weeks and within the past few months she had gotten even more resistant to authority (I guess is how you would nicely put it). One day I had a break down and then a break through about the situation. We're still working on behavior but it has improved so much. All in all the materials cost me about $2.50.

I made her two charts. The first chart is for bed time and the second is for general obedience. These have made a huge difference in our family. Does she still procrastinate bed time and throw tantrums? Oh yes! but she is redirected easier when we reiterate expectations and remind her that choosing to follow directions has rewards.

Here are the charts I made (I posted  the charts as jpgs below so you could print them out-after personalizing of course) :

 This is obviously not a chart but this is an additional technique we started using.

For the sticker obedience chart I got a pack of stickers from the dollar store. I let PB pick them out so that she could feel excited about it. I printed the chart out on heavy card stock and got them laminate for $1.25 each at a local office supply store.

For the bed time chart I bought these dry erase crayons and they have been great. You could also use stickers or make check marks and put them on with velcro dots.

We also made a jar of warm fuzzies. When she does an unsolicited act of kindness she gets a warm fuzzy. I told her when she fills the jar she can go to the store and pick out a toy or treat. I think she needs a more concrete reward so we may buy the treat and put it on the fridge to give her a visual of what she is working for. I already had all of the supplies to make these on hand. I used a jelly jar and a mason jar with a mayo lid. I taped on the graphic below and filled the jars with little puffs that can be found at the Dollar Store.

Do you use charts or reward systems for your kids?

I did not keep track of where I got each of these clipart pictures. Sorry! If you know a source I will gladly post it. 

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