Threading a Bobbin Right

Ok so have you ever sewn something then when you finished you see a big heaping mess of thread on the underside where you started? Well this is because the bobbin hadn't been threaded all the way correctly. In order to do so first you're going to need to put it in the machine the correct way leaving it with a couple of inches of extra. This is important. Not all machines are alike so I don't really know how yours needs to be threaded!
Next with the needle threaded, turn the knobby thing until the needle goes all the way down into the machine.
Now pull it back up . You should see that the top thread has gone down into the bottom part of the feeder. Now pull the top thread's thread until the bobbin thread comes up.
 Using a seam ripper or whatever's small enough to fit under the foot, pull one side of the bobbin thread.
And pull that thread to the side. Now you won't start a sewing project with a ball of  thread around your bobbin!

1 comment :

Jordan McCollum said...

Gah! Bobbin threads, my nemesis!

Once I finally stopped using the wrong kind of bobbin and threading it right (thanks to you), the only other thing that caused weird loose threads on the bottom was missing a step in the middle of threading the top (the piece that goes up and down--my thread broke and I didn't realize it had come undone that far "up" the threading chain).

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