17 Fun Kid-made Father's Day Gifts

Father's day is upon us! Jaime's sharing some super cute Father's Day Cards, and for any big gifts, Brooke's got your perfect formula. But what about gifts from the kids? Here are some quick crafts kids can make as gifts for Dad's special day this week!

Daddy? Darth Vader onesie from Sisters What!
You could also scale this up for a matching shirt for Dad, captioned "Who's yo Daddy?"
(Kids may need a little help with this)


Best Daddy/Grandad Ever (Jelly) Beans printable from the letter 4
How about a "For the best dad who's ever 'BEAN'" sign?


I got this frame at a Dollar Tree, but you can do this with a Silhouette or Cricut or even an Exacto knife and poster board. The kids can help you pick & position the photos.


Homemade Stress Relief Balls from Craftivity Corner @ Family Education Blogs
Perfect for relieving that homemade stress.


Father's day tie scavenger hunt from here on Wayward Girls' Crafts
Sorry, iPhone not included.


Dozens of Father's Day Handprint and Footprint crafts from . . . Handprint and Footprint Art
Or you could use a sock: I love you more than rocks from your nose to your socks!*
*This may only work in our family.


Daddy Tokens Tin from Eighteen25
Cool take on coupons!


DIY Lenticular photos: use photos of your kids or family from here on Wayward Girls' Crafts


Dad, we love you to (Reese's) pieces! printable from Nothing but Country


Personalized note cube from Cool Mom Picks @ BabyCenter

Father's day coupon books from here on Wayward Girls' Crafts


Love notes on paint chips from Eighteen25


Daddy's Soda with shirts and ties from The Idea Room
It says soda.


Fabric paint or even acrylic to put a footprint on a tie
You don't machine wash ties, do you?


Free printable All About Dad book from Eighteen25


I love you THIS much/hug card from Day in My Life
Especially great for celebrating long distance

Check out our desserts and other recipes here on Wayward Girls' Crafts.
If all else fails, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach! 

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