Father's Day Card: Best Dad of All Time

Here's a card I made for Father's Day for my pawpaw, father-in-law and Ricardo. (Inspiration found here) Ricardo is my husband's grandma's husband. We don't say "step grandpa" we just say Ricardo (even though his name is Richard).
To make this card, I found a clipart of a watch I liked:

And then used my "Trace" feature in Silhouette Studio. (Sidenote, Silhouette users, what do you think of Silhouette Studio 3.0? It's taken a little getting used to, but I like it!)

I cut out the watch and then the words for each card. Slapped the watch on the card and some paper behind to fill in the background of the words and voila. I even made some simple envelopes to go with. 

I've got more cards coming, one for my dad and two (hopefully) for my husband. It's his first Father's Day!

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