Frozen Party: Games

So I'm breaking up PB's third birthday party into three posts. It was a huge amount of work that I should have started at least a week before I did.  So I'm pretty sure every girl child in the US (and many other parts of the world) is still drooling over Frozen. Since PB has a summer birthday we decided to have a Frozen Melted party. See invite here.

Today I'm going to tell you about the games that we did. I had everyone come straight to the backyard and I had a bunch of stations set up with different activities. There were five altogether
  1. Throw melted snowballs (water balloons) at Hans

  2. Ship building in the melted Fjord

  3. Melt Anna's heart and Elsa's hands
    I used different sized tupperware, a heart cake pan, and a glove to make the ice cubes. I used food coloring, glitter, necklaces, and coins in the ice. These were great!

  4. Arendelle water park
    We had a crazy sprayer, slip and slide, and a spraying ring

  5. Melted snowball bombs (sponge bombs): I had these in a bucket and they can be seen in the picture of the fjord
I made signs from Frozen images I found online. I would share them but I didn't keep track of where I got the images. I put them inside of taped up page protectors to keep the water out. 

Check back next week for the food and decorations for the party! Have a great weekend!

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