Easy Pacifier Clip

Hi my name is Brave Brooke and I hate searching for pacifiers. The other day I went and bought a bunch because I detest looking for them and yet I was still searching for the 7 we own. Months ago I made KZ a pacifier clip that is sadly sitting somewhere along our route home from our long road trip so it was time to make another one and a couple to spare.

This is one of the first sewing projects I've done in quite a few weeks. It was so rewarding to finish and it was so simple. This is a great project to use scraps for

All you need is:
  • A piece of fabric that is 10"x 4" (one of the ones I made was more like 10" x 3.75" and it still worked out just fine)
  • A clip (this is the kind that I ordered)
  • Ribbon (about 4")
  • Velcro/a snap
  • Optional: button pacifier (MAM or NUK) adapter

First fold the short ends down 1/4" and press.

Next fold it in half lengthwise and in half again (see picture) and press.

Before sewing the fabric closed unfold and sew any embellishments and the fastener (Velcro or snap) for the clip on. For a button pacifier you will need the adapter for the top and the clip for the bottom. The first one of these I made I put Velcro on either end. For this one I used a piece of ribbon on the adapter side. This tutorial can be used for any type of pacifier. 

Refold the fabric and sew around all sides. As you come around the end opposite of the clip side sew in the ribbon folded in half with the ends inserted into the top. 

Make sure any embellishments are secure. For the bow I back stitched before I sewed it closed and then once it was sewed up I tied it and with coordinating thread hand stitched it through the knot to make sure it wouldn't come untied. 

Notice the clip on the left has a snap. 

These are the best pictures I could get of her using her pacifier clip. She is on the go with no time for pictures!

What embellishments would you put on a pacifier clip?

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