Leftovers to Lunch! 10 Great Ideas to Take Your Dinner Leftovers to a New Level!

My favorite lunch is leftovers. I just love how easy it is and I'm not wasting a thing! Sometimes leftovers need a little sprucing to make a good lunch. Here are some ideas!

1. Throw it in an omelet. Good for meat and veggies.

2. Eat it on bread! I had some paprika chicken sauce but no cooked noodles. I just ate it on a slice of bread instead for an easy lunch.

3. Burrito time! Wrap up everything in a tortilla and call it good.

4. Soup. Oh how I love soup for lunch! You can use meat, vegetables, beans and pasta in soup and they taste amazing. I love to experiment with soup and throw different vegetables in. I don't recommend eggplant though.

5. Sandwich, the old stand-by. Take it up a notch by turning it into a grilled cheese! Don't forget to add vegetables like asparagus, onions, and peppers you cooked up last night. A lettuce wrap is a way to use your leftovers as a sandwich without eating a ton of carbs.

6. Eat it cold. I'm looking at you, pizza. And I will also eat spaghetti cold too, on occasion.

7. Bake it. Leftover spaghetti? Why not bake it? Recipe here

8.  Why not make a pizza? French bread pizza is so fun and easy, lunch comes together in minutes when you have left over meat and vegetables. Or a pizza bagel!

9.  Eat it over rice. I ran out of tortillas the last time I made chili verde pork. I couldn't let it go to waste so I ate it over rice. Delish! Or use your leftover to top a baked potato.

10.  4. Toss with lettuce to make a salad. One of my favorites, good for meat, veggies and even rice like I did with my left over fish tacos and rice:

Do you have any ideas on how to liven up your leftovers? Share them!

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