Craft Supply Storage

Where do keep your craft supplies? I am not lucky enough to have an entire room devoted just to crafts, so I have to find places to stash all my stuff throughout the house. I like being organized and finding inexpensive ways to do things.

One inexpensive place I have stored craft supplies for many years is in my girls' old lunchboxes. Here is one. We have a stack of these in a closet under our stairs. They are very portable. We have several Barbie versions and a metal Mickey Mouse one. They bring back happy memories and are very functional.

When we were rearranging our house a few years ago, I ended up with this shelving unit for sewing supplies that my husband had been using before. It is about 40" tall and 36" across. We originally purchased it at a discount store like Target or at Home Depot. As cheap as I am, I am sure it was less than $70. It keeps things hidden and tidy.

I bought this next unit at an office supply store for about $30. It is perfect for scrapbooking-- if you are using 8.5" x 11" paper.
Finally, I claimed a small, under the eaves closet to store my fabrics and quilting supplies. I LOVE clear plastic containers. Big Lots is a great place to buy them. I utilized a hat rack already in the closet to hang hoops. There are also acyrlic rulers at the very top of the rack. I have my cutting mats and other rulers hanging from a peg.
Even though it is a tall stack, I can find things very easily now.

Where do you keep your "stuff"?


Laura said...

I like the idea of using the old lunchboxes. Marmie keeps cake decorating stuff in my old My Little Pony box.

Tracy said...

I now have a little room dedicated to my crafts.
But I used to work in a closet that I claimed. I had even put a desk in it.
then I accumulated more supplies and the desk had to go.
Now I have a room to myself :)

Just Jaime said...

My lunch box!

Lauren said...

I have a big double wardrobe with shelves buit in to the side of the wall so I keep all of my stamps, scrapbooking papers and tools in there. That way my sons cannot get into them but I can still find everything easily!

Heather Landry said...

There are little stashes of stuff all over my house. Especially completed scrapbooks. They are tucked in to every nook and cranny around here. In fact, I probably should buy more shelves. I haven't because putting the last set together was so traumatic.

Lisa said...

I swear I had a lunch box just like that :) And a very cute idea for storing crafts!

Right now, I have my craft room with everything organized, but I want to start compiling an area for my son's stuff. I don't think I want him tearing apart my fabulous craft area!

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