Which of your craft supplies are a necessity?

storage 001So unlike awesome my sister, I hold onto craft supplies with no intention of ever letting any of it go. I have tried and tried to keep it all organized but it's always a mess. Therefore I wasn't surprised when recently I had to pack it all up :( You see our house is on the market and when the home stager came through she asked me if it was vital if it stayed staged as a craft room and office. As my mouth said "No, I can pack it all up," my heart said "NO WAY! ARE YOU CRAZY?!" How will I make cute things for my church responsibilities or need to make a card? So to get away with keeping some stuff out I got creative with my storage. The space is very limited and I had a hard time coming up with what to keep out. Overall I kept out:

  • My paper and paper cutter
  • My sewing machine and basic supplies
  • My general crafting supplies

storage 003

What would you keep out? I'm crossing my fingers that be reunited with my stuff soon.


Just Jaime said...

You can do it!

Bindu said...

You got the beautiful blogger award. Please visit and share your award with other beautiful bloggers of your choice.
I adore your blog and get inspired by your crafts.

Lisa said...

That's so tough! Our house was on the market for 18 months and I never knew it would be that long. It was really hard to go that long with NOTHING. I made up for it once we moved though! GL selling!

Heather Landry said...

I hope that you're able to sell quickly so you can get your stuff back. I can't imagine!!!!

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