Beaded Barrette-- Wayward Style

I am in barrette mode! I made one tonight and have another one planned. The one definitely went wayward, though.

This is what you need for the beaded barrette.

I thought I would need the clear beading string, but it turns out you don't. That Bead Fix Glue--- it really works.
So.... after I freed my wayward fingers, I realized I wouldn't need to secure the beads with string.
Just carefully spread the glue on the barrette and press the beads down firmly. I did the one by one. The glues dries quickly.

The thing I didn't do was space out the beads in advance. The barrette shows at one end so I used my trusty Rubn' Buff to make it a little prettier. I did that everywhere I could see the silver part.

It isn't perfect, but it is something I will wear.  Glad I just dyed my hair!


Brave Brooke said...

I'd wear it! I only have two barrettes that I have that obviously don't match with everything. I should make some of my own!

Just Jaime said...

I like the big beads! From Joann? I've never heard of bead fix.

Anonymous said...

Lol! Watch out that you don't get accused of being a sticky fingers!

Christine said...

Oh this is really pretty!!!!! :)

Tracy said...

Your barrettes turned out wonderfully.
Trying not to laugh at the glued fingers...only because I have done the same thing.
Did you dye your hair because you didn't want it to look like tinsel was in it like mine, lol.

Jeanna said...

This is super cute! I love the look of beads in anyone's hair.


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