Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Card Book

I took down all my Christmas decorations yesterday and I had a stack of Christmas cards that we received. Since of course they come from family and close friends and many of them had pictures I wanted a way to save them so I made them into a book.
christmascardbook 002

So I used a regular 3 hole punch, ribbon, and glue. I lined the cards up by size and then I hole punched the cards with two holes each roughly centered on each card. I glued the pictures that were included into or on the back of the cards they came in.
christmascardbook 001
I took a larger simple card and put it in the front as I laced each card on the ribbon. I left a little space and tied them together. I wrote the year on the front and they will go away with the decorations to be enjoyed next year!


Cindy said...

Great idea. I save all the picture cards and family Christmas cards. I normally tie them with a ribbon and put them away but I'm liking your idea! Thanks

Tracy said...

This is an awesome idea.
I don't get to many family photo cards though :(

Just Jaime said...

Fun idea! I never know what to do with my cards!

waymom said...

I just saw this on tonight :) I always put the pic cards on the side of our upright freezer at the end of the holidays and they stay there all year. It used to be away to help the kids learn family members we don't see often, but now they love to look at their friends and cousin's pics all year.

G Inspires said...

This has been on my to-do list...looks great! Thanks for sharing!

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