Wayward Weekend Features

The Wayward Girls have each picked a favorite link to be featured from our very first link up!

Diana/Mom loved Smallgood Hearth's Fortune Napkin Rings

Jordan enjoyed Everyday Art's Roll Up Organizer


Jaime was all about Crafty Cousins' Ruffle-y Shirt Refashion

Ruffle Shirt (27)

Jasmine's favorite was Tousled Day's Polka Dot Nails

Brooke's chose Always Chasing Life's DIY Shoe Closet

If you were featured, please grab a button!

<a href="http://www.waywardgirlscrafts.com/"><img src="https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEh5C3bw30ZpheQE52iUDZ0fyIeNArGXyvazKgU64R8FCn5UkOnfXHSKFbbQcrJfNvwPp9zDZgVBwyUUloAGif8FlorKmNn-Y9ju9qq4CpH6Ot45dAwn9zMDc33QkLHVXjm5WcTGQ-BjfBs/s1600/wayward+weekend+featured.png" border="0" alt="Featured on Wayward Weekend at Wayward Girls Crafts" /></a>

WW Week #2 Starts in 1 hour! Come back to link up!


Laura said...

Thanks Mom! :)

I like the idea of each of you choosing a favorite. We'll get to see a variety of stuff and styles featured that way. Love you guys.

tousled day said...

OMG! You featured me! Thank you so much! You made my day :)))

Tracy said...

These are all great ideas :)
My daughter would love the shoe closet....I must not show her, or I may lose my linen closet, lol

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