Craft-A-Palooza: Collage

The first craft I did during Craft-A-Palooza was a collage. Since I still had some old gossip magazines, I thought it would be perfect to rip them up and use them. Collages are pretty simple to do. I decided to rip pieces instead of cut them out to give it a different look. I also went the long time consuming route and organized all my pieces by color to make sure I evenly distributed colors on my canvas board.
All you need (is love) is mod podge or watered down glue, a canvas board, and lots of ripped pictures from magazines. Fashion magazines or magazines covering red carpet events are great because they offer a lot of different patterns and fabrics that you could use. I avoided using people's faces or body as much as I could. First, I covered the board making sure to get the edges. Paint a layer of mod podge on the board then lay down your pieces. Try to get all the area coated in mod podge to avoid air bubbles. I chose colorful pages in case the background showed some after covering the board.
 (yes, that's Zac Efron's attractive little face)
After letting that dry I started putting on the pieces one at a time first applying mod podge then placing the pieces over the wet area. I painted another layer of the pieces to make sure they stuck and other pieces would stick if they overlapped.
I filled up the whole board which took quite a while since I was being very meticulous. And just like that, you have a wonderful collage.

You could also do it in a color theme (ie warm colors, cool colors, secondary colors etc.) I think maybe I'll do that next....when I get a break in homework!


Just Jaime said...

Great colors!

Diana said...

I love it! It is on the mantle right now.

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