Homemade Tortilla Chips

This weekend I visited my sister, Jordan. Over the weekend we decided to make 7 Layer Dip (no worries, that post will come soon.) After we had gone out for some errands we did NOT want to go back out even after we found no chips in the pantry. We did find some tortillas though. Jordan brought out the deep fryer and I cut up the tortillas. They were small (about 6 in. diameter) and the perfect size after cut into sixths or eighths. We cooked them in the fryer until they turned golden.

Jordan's son helped us put them in the oil. Be careful when dropping them into the oil!! It might splash if you drop them in too hard. We only fried about a dozen triangles at a time to avoid overlapping or sticking.

After they turn golden, remove them from the oil onto a plate with a paper towel on it. The paper towel absorbs the excess oil. Sprinkle some salt on them and let them cool. They are super yummy and perfect for dipping!


Just Jaime said...

Yum! Were they thicker than normal chips? I like thick chips!

Tracy said...

7 layer dip, that is one of our family's favourites.
This taco chips look delish.

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